RiscXLib is a set of libraries that allow X client programs to be compiled and run on RISC OS with little or no changes to the source code. Of course if a client uses a lot of non-X library calls then it may take a bit more work to get it compiled.

All the programs and Library files were compiled up using GCC V2.96 and UnixLib 3.8. So far it has only been tested on RISC OS 3.6, 3.7 and 4.02. But there shouldn't be any reason why it wouldn't work on pre RISC OS 3.6 machines.

This web page is only temporary, hopefully a better and more informative one will be put together shortly. So if you have any questions then please feel free to email me.



RiscXLib - Base Application (93K)
This archive contains all the files needed to run pre-compiled X clients under RISC OS.

RiscXLib - Library and header files (1735K)
This archive contains the include files and library files needed to compile X client applications under RISC OS.
Note: You will need to merge these files with the base RiscXLib application available above.

X Client programs

A few of the standard X applications provided as an example.

twm - A simple X window manager. (520K)
twmsrc - Source code for twm ready for use under RISC OS. (146K)
A simple window manager. Allows you to move windows about, set up menus etc.

xclock - Displays an analogue or digital clock. (426K)
xclocksrc - Source code for the above. (16K)
Displays the time and date (Digital mode only) in a window.

xlogo - Displays the X logo. (426K)
xlogosrc - Source for the above (8K)
Displays the X logo in a window.

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Last updated: 18/09/99
Leo White