On this page you can find a description of my various software offerings, and a link to the download page where you can actually get them from. At the bottom of this page you can find details on my future plans for software to write (eventually).

[CDPlay]  CDPlay

CDPlay is a CD player with the following features
  • Fits into 44k of memory (Unless you have a 32k page size)
  • Doesn't take up any icon bar space. Adjust clicking on the CD Drive icon open/closes the main window
  • The main window automatically resizes itself so it is just large enough to hold all the tracks
  • Can handle multiple CDROM drives
  • Has Random and Program play modes
  • Stores track names to disc
  • Has the 4 usual time display formats
  • Supports volume control
  • Is fully configurable
  • Can read in SmartCD V2.0 CD listing files
Also available for CDPlay is a listing file containing over 1500 different CD descriptions, and a small program to convert QwikCD listing files to a format CDPlay can then read in.

Go here to download CDPlay.

[Telnet]  Telnet

Telnet, a command line telnet program.

Since there has been some minor interest in a command line only telnet program on comp.sys.acorn.networking lately. I have done some more work on telnet so that it will successfully connect up to 'proper' telnet daemons as well as MUDs and chat daemons. Once again, the more people who show interest in this program, the more likely it will be improved upon. Otherwise it will only improve as and when I need it to.

Go here to download Telnet.


MouseKey a keyboard mouse emulator.

A small 732 byte module which allows the mouse pointer and buttons to be controlled using the keyboard. The source code is included and the keys used can be adjusted and the code recompiled.

Go here to download MouseKey.

[SmallRTV]  SmallRTV

SmallRTV a TV only front end to Irlam Instruments RiscTV card.

This is a beta release of SmallRTV. It has currently only been tested on my Risc PC SA machine. It is a 40K application that supports all the 40 channels, has volume control, audio and video controls (bass, brightness etc.) Please feel free to try it out, the ReadMe file in the archive contains information on how to get it up and running, and where to send any bugs, ideas and offers to become beta testers to.

Go here to download SmallRTV.

[VNCViewer]  VNCViewer

VNCViewer, a VNC viewer for Risc OS.

Allows you (With an appropiate VNCServer) to display and use remote desktops on your Risc OS machine. Similar to using an XServer.

I've tested VNCViewer and VNCServe by running VNCServe on my Risc PC, and VNCViewer on my A5000 using PPP over a 19200 serial connection. A bit slow, but it works, and with the correct colours too :)

For more information on Virtual Network Computing, go to here.

Go here to download VNCViewer.

[VNCInput]  VNCInput

VNCInput, a VNC input only client for Risc OS.

Similar to VNCViewer above, but only sends mouse and keyboard events to the remote server. Useful when you have two computers side-by-side and don't wish to keep changing keyboards. Input is switched when you move the mouse off the right hand side of the screen.

For more information on Virtual Network Computing, go to here.

Go here to download VNCInput.


DaytimeServer is a small module that provides a daytime server.

Any clients that connect to the daytime server port (13) are sent the local time of the machine the server is running on. This module provides star-commands to turn the server on and off.

Go here to download DaytimeServer.

Future Projects

I have a number of projects that I will eventually get around to doing. I will probably make a start on these after I get new versions of most of the above programs released.
Anyway, my current future projects are:
  • Write a program to allow CDPlay (And any other application) to interface with an online CD database. This will allow you to insert a CD into your CDROM drive, and then download all the track names etc. from the Internet. This database can be found here.

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Last updated: 26/02/2000
Leo White